Banking Services

Your trusted partner for corporate banking in India, utilizing the power of blockchain technology. We address the common banking problems faced by businesses, offering innovative solutions to enhance security, transparency, and efficiency.

Our platform ensures secure transactions and protects your sensitive data while providing a seamless banking experience. Experience the future of banking with us and unlock a new level of trust and convenience for your corporate financial needs.
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Why us?

At NexG, we understand your quest for innovation and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving world. Our comprehensive range of customer-centric Banking services empowers your business to leverage futuristic technology solutions.

Experience seamless operations, heightened security, and unmatched efficiency

  • End to End design, development and deployment support.

  • Expert team with solid foundations to guide us through.

  • Scalable, Secure and Compliant systems for hassle-free User Experiences.


Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplified banking with NexG

Digital identity verification

Our digital identity verification solutions provide seamless and secure authentication, eliminating fraud and enhancing customer trust in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Auditing and accounting

Innovative blockchain-based solutions ensure transparent, immutable, and real-time recording of financial transactions, revolutionizing the audit process and enabling accurate and efficient accounting practices.

Secure digital storage of customer data

Our blockchain-powered platform ensures encrypted, decentralized storage, safeguarding customer information from unauthorized access and providing peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

Data analysis and security systems

Leveraging blockchain, our advanced systems enable secure data analysis, facilitating actionable insights while maintaining strict data privacy and integrity, empowering banks with smarter decision-making capabilities.

API Connectivity

Seamless integration and secure data sharing through standardized APIs, enabling efficient collaboration among banking systems and enhancing the connectivity between financial institutions and third-party services.

Payment Modes

Leverage blockchain technology to ensure secure, fast, and seamless transactions across popular methods like IMPS, RTGS, UPI, and payment gateways, revolutionizing the way businesses conduct financial transactions.